Mullis Miljö - Biological toilets in stainless steel

Mullis Miljö AB is a trademark registered company that has existed since 1974. Mullis produce particularly biological toilets in steel, but also compostables and other stainless steel products. Mullis is an original product that is among the leaders in the market.

Mullis is a natural choice for those who are in search of an eco-toilet, wich doesn´t need either electricity or water. It is environmentally friendly, odorless and can be tailored to suit your own needs.

Your best investment - made entirely of stainless steel which guarantees a long sustainability, easy and trouble-free use.

Mullis biological toilet meets all the requirements laid down on health, function, capacity, materials and reliability.

Mullis biological toilets are based on nature's own idea.

Mullis Miljö AB, Klastorpsslingan 10, 152 42 Södertälje   Tfn. 08-656 54 56  e-post.